Updating your Cookie or Privacy Policy

The current Cookie Policy plugin on the ALC website allows you to specify
the cookie policy url.  At the moment it is set to a generic policy written by Norfolk ALC but you can create your own policy and update as listed below.

First start by creating a new page or post on your website and insert your Cookie Policy text.  This policy does not need to appear on any menus (see Updating your Menu) for more help on this.  After your  have created your page or post copy the URL.

Go to: Dashboard > GDPR Cookie Consent > Cookie Law Settings > Customise Buttons > Read More Link
then enter the copied url into the URL field, URL or Page must be set to URL and press Update Settings

To update the Privacy policy you will need to again create a new page and add a link to this page from your Cookie Policy like the link in the generic Cookie Policy.

Cookies For Comments Image